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Designed to accommodate groups of up to 30 people.

The country estate La Chataigneraie is a unique, intimate, cosmopolitan oasis in a beautiful environment. The estate is the perfect place for seminars, training, workshops, courses, education programmes and other gatherings.

It is an intimate location in the midst of calm surroundings. The estate is surrounded by a fairy-tale landscape, where woods, mountains and lakes form a perfect blend. Situated in the protected nature reserve Parc Naturel du Morvan. There are two buildings on the estate - the Chateau and the Maison - and an apartment, accommodating up to 30 individuals.


- Group- / practice room - 1000 m2
- Sleeping facility - 30 beds
- Eating room / restaurant
- (vegetable) catering possible
- Sound equipment
- Fire place
- Campfire possible

Address & Communication

Contact person:

L. Koot


Chateau La Chataigneraie
71550 Roussillon-en-Morvan


+ 33 (0)3 85542228


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